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Make wellness last a lifetime

Stop starting over and let us guide you in our personalized programs with simple, sustainable practices that STICK.

Make wellness last a lifetime

Stop starting over and let us guide you in our personalized programs with simple, sustainable practices that STICK.

What we offer

At FOUNDED, we offer 3 programs to guide you to optimal health and vitality. We provide a refreshing, practical way to help you ditch the guilt, fear, and overwhelm and start living your best life in wellness today.

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Hey there!

I’m Cami!

I’m a Nurse Practitioner, mother of five, and wife to Dr. Cam, an Internal Medicine Physician. With over 20 years in the medical profession, I can relate to the overwhelm that comes with the health industry, especially when you just want to feel like yourself again.


I started Founded in Wellness because I saw a need for a more personalized space that looked beyond just treating symptoms. I believe combining both Western and Functional medicine is the best approach to identify and treat the source of imbalance in your body so you can reverse symptoms, lose weight, find energy, and take control of your health. At Founded, our mission is to help you start believing in YOU again!


Stop cyclic patterns of weight-loss and let us help you learn how to lose weight for the last time with personalized recommendations for both medication and supplementation.

Restful sleep and stress resilience are essential components of your comprehensive wellness plan. Learn to balance these areas of your life for optimal health benefits.

We help you understand the myths and misinformation surrounding the health industry. We bridge gaps to help you become healthier and gain more energy with a single step.

Unlock the key to optimal health and well-being by booking a consultation call with our expert healthcare provider today! Don't let any health concerns hold you back from living your best life.

what our clients love


✓ Engage with medical professionals in the comfort of your home

✓ Stress-free appointments that protect your confidentiality

✓ Open up about topics that are sometimes hard to share about

patient-centered care

✓ Best medical practice using a variety of tools tailored to your needs

✓ Treating the whole person to provide foundational health habits

✓ Understanding of the origin, prevention, and treatment of health concerns


✓ Step-by-step plan that builds momentum & lasting change

✓ Reliable education and assistance throughout your journey

✓ Combination of supplementation & medication when indicated

Feel like yourself again!


"Founded in Wellness’s Restart & Reclaim program taught me a system that helped me lose weight and keep it off by providing solutions that were manageable. I truly feel changed from the inside out! "

"I was a habitual cyclic dieter. I wanted a new lifestyle that was actually maintainable and put me on a path to success! Previously I would gain lose gain lose and gain again. Nothing I did was actually sustainable, and I needed something that I can do forever."

- Trista

we help you

gain control of


mindset &