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"Founded in Wellness’s Restart & Reclaim program taught me a system that helped me lose weight and keep it off by providing solutions that were manageable. I truly feel changed from the inside out! "

"I was a habitual cyclic dieter. I wanted a new lifestyle that was actually maintainable and put me on a path to success! Previously I would gain lose gain lose and gain again. Nothing I did was actually sustainable, and I needed something that I can do forever."

- Trista


"The Reset Program was life-changing. My whole perspective on my body has changed. I am able to recognize how much my body actually needs to be eating and what kind of exercises work for my body. The power of positive thinking and believing in myself has changed my whole world."

"This program has quite literally changed my life. I was hesitant to do it because money is tight and it was hard to justify spending this much, especially when it was for me. My husband and I agreed that my health was important too. I am so grateful that we took the leap and did the program!"

- Amanda


"It’s helped educate me and teach me so much about health and wellness I would’ve never known."

"Before joining the Reset and Reclaim program, I was eating the wrong things, not eating enough, and doing very high-intensity workouts. I've lost 21 lbs and have learned more about what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I've been surprised by how much I like this program and that I'm comfortable talking about my health."

- Cali


"The Reset program has truly changed my life. This whole process has been so easy. Not only to get the product and learn how to use it, but working with you guys is so organized. I know that I can always get a response in a timely matter and you want what is best for me!"

"I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and found no difference in my body when I tried to improve. I tried 75 hard, followed all the rules, and didn't lose a single pound, so I was pretty defeated. I wanted to get back to the physical and mental health that I knew was possible for me. I wanted to like how I looked and feel confident in myself."

- anonymous


"I have been trying for years to shed the last 20 pounds I could not lose. I have lost all of the weight I wanted to lose and feel amazing"

"So EASY! In three months, I have lost it all! It has been awesome and I feel great! I'm so thankful for how easy it was to get in touch with the Founded team members when I needed help! I highly recommend them for a healthy weight loss and nutrition journey."

- Angie